The second comic in the series for The Small Picture was on the design of Ambassadors – those beloved cars that I and so many of my fellow Indian grew up in. We didn’t always love the Amby – and it wasn’t ever the sexiest car on the road – but when production of the iconic vehicles was halted earlier this year, there were countless among us who mourned.

This series called The Design of Ordinary Things looked at articles of material culture get little consideration as designed products, but they are so intrinsic to life in Indian and form such a vital part of my generation’s memory, that I was curious about exploring their significance through a visual medium.

This comic was first published for The Small Picture for Mint newspaper on 13th June, 2014.

*Unfortunately The Small Picture column has since been discontinued so there will be no more comics in the series. The research for more issues have been finished though, so I hope to post them here in the near future.