Ruchita Madhok

I’m designer of many persuasions including (but rarely limited to) scenography and illustration. I believe passionately in the power of design to change the quality of our lives materially, emotionally and spiritually and am an advocate for culturally inclusive design thought and practice. Having lived and worked in the Middle East, UK and India, I am now based in Mumbai where I run an independent design practice, Kahani Designworks.


Aditya Palsule

I am a communications designer who has worked on everything from airports to baby food and even ‘fairness creams’. In 2008 I moved to London to complete a two year course at the prestigious London College of Communication and to broaden my views as a graphic designer. I think curiosity is a designer’s best friend and my interests would make a for a very long list. I’m quite partial to photography which is a key source of inspiration to my creative practice. I am currently based in Mumbai, as a Principal Designer at Kahani Designworks.